Explore your passion with some of the wine industry’s best kept secrets, and experience the best the world has to offer at great value.

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From The Wine Cellars (FTWC) trades directly on the London International Vintners Exchange (Liv-ex), providing you direct access to thousands of the world's most sought after fine wines.

Explore your passion and have the world's finest wines delivered to your door or stored in industry leading facilities. 

Buy Fine Wine With Peace of Mind

FTWC provides peace of mind with every purchase. The skilled and experienced team at Liv-Ex are a fundamental part of this operation. They carefully open, inspect, photograph and check more than 65,000 cases of wine a year, and have a digital catalogue of authentic wines and bespoke algorithms that flag potentially high-risk wines.

Access hard to find iconic wines & discover hidden gems

Looking for that hard-to-find iconic bottle that you've always dreamed of tasting? That scarce gem or the latest up-and-coming stars?

Join our platform to gain access to over $500 Million USD of the finest wines the world has to offer!

Three Simple Ways to Browse

Know exactly what you want? Browse by keyword, color, vintage, country and/or region.  Looking for guidance? Browse our Curated Searches by iconic regions, renowned vineyards and top vintages to name a few.  Looking for suggestions? Browse our Curated Lists based on scores, themes, trends and other interesting Cellar Notes.

A simple and smooth buying experience

Browse through our wines, make your choice, and submit your purchase; it’s that easy. Our platform is simple and intuitive, and transactions are secure, fast and efficient in bringing fine wine from the market to you.

Life is too short to drink bad wine

Don't miss out! FTWC trades on a dynamic marketplace where prices and availability change regularly – finalize your purchase and take advantage of FTWC's free storage for up to 60 days while you decide whether to have it shipped to your door or store it with us.

Advantages of the FTWC platform

  • Access
  • Insight
  • Ship or Store

From The Wine Cellars provides access to over $500 Million USD of fine wine on the platform most trusted by fine wine professionals around the world. 

The FTWC platform is simple and intuitive, and transactions are secure, fast and efficient in bringing fine wine from the market to you.


Insight into top regions, producers, vintages and the latest wine trends and recommendations with FTWC’s Curated Searches and Curated Lists.

From The Wine Cellars compiles current and historical data, including reviews and rankings by the world’s most prominent wine experts to ensure that the most credible information is used in curating our lists.


FTWC provides secure storage and a wealth of logistical expertise for safe delivery to your door.

Finalize your purchase and take advantage of our free storage for up to 60 days while you decide whether to ship or store it. You can rest assured that your wine will be stored in optimal conditions while under our care in storage. If you prefer to have your wine delivered to your door, our industry leading shipping network will get it to you with care and efficiency.

Enjoy the world of fine wine on a new level